With my full support you will be empowered to:

Get crystal clear on how you want your life to look and feel, AND create your path of least resistance to achieve the results you have been dreaming of

 Identify blocks which have been holding you apart from your desires, and be supported to blast through them

 Write new scripts and create new empowering beliefs and stories to propel you forward to your desired future

 Find out what is truly important to you right now and align your actions with your values for a streamlined life

 Learn what getting into the receptive mode means to you and discover how to allow all that you have been asking for to flow to you with ease

 Create clear boundaries for self preservation - the when, the how and the importance of saying no!

 Learn to switch on your own relaxation response so you know exactly how to easily switch stress off whenever you need to (i.e. every day!)

Connect with your own innate capabilities, beauty and with the infinite wisdom that connects us all

 Create health and harmony in your body and mind, for an environment in which energy flows freely and desires can manifest with ease

 Get yourself into the best state for taking inspired and powerful action in the direction of your dreams

 Get full accountability, guidance and support for the whole time we are working together

Kind Words...

"I was introduced to Katy four years ago and have been benefiting from her coaching ever since. 
I’ve alternated between courses of coaching sessions to help me plan and achieve both personal and business goals and one off sessions to help me work on a particular issue or deadline. 
Katy has helped me through so many difficult times when I’ve felt lost, overwhelmed, lonely and confused.
She encourages me to assess where I  place my energy and always offers amazing guidance to help me step back into balance. 
When I met Katy I really wasn’t coping with my life.
I had recently become a single mum,moved out of my family home and relocated my business...all within three months. 
I couldn’t seem to find a way to manage my work life and motherhood without either my business or my relationship with my son suffering. 
Then I found katy and bit by bit her wonderful wellness coaching began to transform my life. 
I’ve always felt safe to talk about what’s really bothering me and know I’m not being judged. 
Each session has been totally unique and tailored to what I need on that day. 
The difference in my quality of life now in comparison to four years ago is incredible. 
I have now found balance between work and home . 
I’ve achieved all of my business goals which once felt out of my reach and enjoyed the process of getting there. 
I have learnt to break down my goals into manageable steps instead of allowing things to build up and overwhelm me. 
And most importantly I’ve realised my own personal capacity and now honour my own limits everyday which means I don’t ever get to the point of burn out .
I can’t thank her enough for all the time, wisdom and support she has given over the years."
Kerrie - Massage Therapist & owner of Chakra Therapy Rooms, York, UK

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" Wayne Dyer


What does 1:1 Coaching entail?

We will both make a commitment to work together for  3 -months  during which you will get weekly coaching sessions, based on the stressLESS Life coaching structure and taking into account whatever is appropriate for your next step in development:

I will coach you to clarify your vision and create clear action steps to get you there 

Work we do together will include clearing old limiting beliefs and installing new powerful ones - so prepare for your transformation!

You will commit to taking agreed action steps (including prioritising your self-care -  rest assured, we will work to shift any mindset blocks you may have in this area)

Sessions are delivered via audio and / or video calls and you will also be able to contact me via whatsapp and email during working hours for the whole time we are working together

You will commit to showing up fully for yourself and taking full responsibility for your own wellbeing and transformation

I commit to showing up fully for you and doing all I can to empower you to make shifts towards creating the life you have been dreaming of


  • Get crystal clear on your vision
  • Clarify your values and align your actions and behaviours to streamline your life
  • Shift mindset blocks and limiting beliefs which have been holding you back
  • Create your new empowering stories
  • Strengthen your trust in yourself and your faith in your infinite connection with source
  • Empower you to step out of stress every day
  • Create a thriving environment in your body and mind
  • Practice using your emotions to guide you
  • Learn to listen to your intuition

In addition to your coaching sessions,  you will also receive energy shifting hypnotherapy / hypno-healing / visualisation sessions and audios appropriate to whatever you need at the time

You will also learn specific techniques to shift the energy in your body, as well as your mind, and throughout will be required to activate your own personal daily awareness practice

StressLESS Life Coaching Framework

Your weekly coaching sessions will be based on the following structure, but will also take into account exactly where you are that week so are subject to change. This is to ensure you get what you need at the right time for you . However things unfold, you will benefit from the full program content by the end of our three months together

  1. Clarify your vision - get crystal clear on what you really want for yourself and for your life
  2. Clarify your values - Recognise what is most important to you now and moving forward into your vision
  3. Identify where you currently expend your energy and check your actions and behaviours are aligning with your vision and values
  4. Build and strengthen your personal boundaries - the when, why and how to say no!
  1. Learn how to use your emotional guidance system, so you can use your emotions to help not hinder you.
  2. Deep dive into clearing those deeper paradigms and beliefs that have been holding you back
  3. Learn how to connect with the infinite wisdom of source in whichever way works for you and will meet your inner mentor, the cheerleader you can call upon any time you need an extra boost of support
  4. Recognise your own existing qualities and resources and connect with your innate resources to call upon anytime
  1. Discover how to shift the energy in your body at will, to express and release emotions and to change your state whenever you need to
  2. Put thought energy and physical energy shifting techniques into practice and notice what works best for you 
  3. Reinforce your skills in connecting to universal energy / infinite wisdom
  4. Propelling forward - creating your next steps for success



3 Months of your full commitment, as much energy as you want to gain, and...







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