This calming audio is designed to fit into your busy day

 to give you 15 minutes deep rest whenever you need it

Sit down, switch off the world & switch on your audio, to help you:

Reset your body and mind

Switch off your stress hormones, making you feel instantly more at peace with the world

Feel calm, focused, motivated and supercharged!

This audio is a blend of:

Relaxing Yoga Nidra yogic sleep / relaxation

 Powerful hypnotherapy - NOT mind control, just a gentle guided visualisation 

* Theta Brainwave Binaural beats - To match the frequency of your brain wave pattern of deep relaxation.

Thank you for joining me in making the world a more peaceful place

one person at a time…

starting with you 😊

KATY GARNER (Karunamaya)

The StressLESS Specialist

Katy trained with the well reputed Atkinson-Ball College of Advanced Hypnotherapists in 2014 under the expert guidance of Mr Greg Ford.

She loved the swiftness of the therapy, & was fascinated by the way hypnotherapy could reach parts & shift emotions in a way that no talking therapy could. 

She noticed the similarities in this thought energy shifting, with the physical energy shifting of yoga & other techniques she learnt a year later in the Energy 4 Life Coach Training with Shola Arewa, The Energy Doctor, & resolved to combine the two in her work with clients.

Katy's skills were further developed in the foothills of the Himalayas during her immersive teacher training with the Himalayan Yoga Institute, where her teacher Ganga Devi taught her not only the benefits of yoga & meditation, but also of the deep healing of yoga nidra.

In this audio, Katy has combined the best bits of all she has learned so far to create this outstanding audio.

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