Five Top Tips for Feeling Good


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Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to  have a smile on their face?

You wonder what on earth their problem is?

What have they got to be so happy about?

After all, life is tough!

You come to the conclusion they must have an easy life, & they they smile all the time just to rub your nose in it!


The truth is that we ALL experience the high's & the lows of life.

But the choice you DO have is how you deal with those highs & lows - especially the lows!


You can chose to allow them to take over your every waking moment, you can feel bad, you can question 'why me'!

Or you can make the choice to help yourself start to feel better. You can focus your attention on some good each day, no matter how small or insignificant that good may seem at the time.

These top tips are here to help you find those little ways of helping yourself to feel wonderful when you are already feeling good, & to feel some relief in the down times.

*N.B They have a cumulative effect, so practice them every day & you'll feel better every day!


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