Online Wellbeing Yoga Live!


Welcome to Online Wellbeing Yoga Live!

I began these sessions to help people get through Lockdown with a sprinkle of peace, health and happiness, but as they are proving so popular I've decided to continue them!

Wellbeing Yoga Live! online classes are gentle, mindful yoga sessions which focus on switching off the stress in your body.


Classes are hosted live on ZOOM on Thursdays from 3.30 - 4.30pm.

Not only do you get the opportunity to join live but all sessions are recorded, so if the time does not fit into your schedule, you can watch the replay instead :)


I run the sessions in 4 week blocks and will review how well they are being received at the end of each block - ALL feedback welcome anytime!

The next 4 week block begins Thursday 23rd July


Classes cost £20 for 4 sessions or you can set up a subscription of £20/month so that payments are taken automatically

Kind Words...

Ready to join the next online Wellbeing Yoga Live class?

Just in case you are not sure if this yoga will be for you here's a session for you to try... (please read the information below before taking part)



Find yourself a quiet space

Switch off your tech (apart from the device you are watching on of course!)

Wear comfortable clothing 

Optional (not essential) equipment:
- yoga mat 
- cushion or chair if you don’t feel comfortable sitting on the floor
- blanket and fluffy socks for relaxation at the end 

**In joining in with this yoga session, you agree to take full responsibility for your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing**


You know you best!

I have no way of knowing what injuries or conditions you may have, or what your body will allow you to do at this time on this day

Your safety is paramount and it’s important to note that yoga is not a competition - it’s about progression not perfection, simply follow along as best you can

*Your best IS good enough!*

Simply relax into the postures, focus on your breathing and listen to any messages your body may have for you - i.e. if it screams at you not to do something, then please ease out of that posture, adapt it or rest and join back in when you are ready

Enjoy taking this time to slow down and really begin to attune to your bodies needs, this really is the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now

I hope that after the session you are able to have a good nights sleep and see things from a fresh perspective in the morning 

Above all else, there is no need to take this too seriously!

Think of it as playtime - recess for your mind - so it can focus away from reality for a time

Please have fun!

Thank you for giving it a go :)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Here's to your StressLESS Life!


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