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To help raise the collective consciousness of humanity by empowering the individual to master the self, by offering strategic guidance, coaching, & mentoring

To contribute to a necessary paradigm shift in western society - from stress to love 

To create a society of peaceful, open minded, respectful, non-judgemental, supportive individuals who prioritise self-care first and foremost 

To empower people who serve others, to do so from a place of strength, good health & wellbeing 

To create a community of self-aware individuals who love, respect & value themselves first, so they can effectively use their own innate resources to shine their unique & brilliant light in the world

To instigate awakening & transformation in people, leading them to connect with themselves & therefore each other 

To empower people to shift out of stress and into the receptive mode so they can easily manifest their dreams of a better world for themselves and those around them

Empowering people to create a balance of happiness and fulfilment in ALL areas of their lives, not just one or two. Key areas being: Health – self – relationships – passion – mission – money


Our Reason for Being:

StressLESS Life was born from one woman’s battle with anxiety, stress, breakdown, hormonal & emotional struggles, which led to a wonderful journey of personal development & spiritual awakening.

I’m Katy Garner, founder of StressLESS Life, & like you I have struggled.

I felt that life was against me & I couldn't work out how other people seemed to glide seamlessly through life!

That was until I realised that I was the creator of my own reality.

It was a bitter pill to swallow at first, as I would never have deliberately chosen most of the stuff that I had gone through.

But the lesson was not in blame or regret, just in the knowledge that I now had a choice, I could continue stumbling about in default mode, or I could learn to live life  by design.

When I looked into it, it turned out other people didn't see the turmoil I lived every day, they thought I was swimming seamlessly through life, & I realised, we are all swans - gliding along above the water but paddling like ducks underneath!

I learned the hard way, what was blocking me from living the life of my dreams, and worked out the key shifts necessary to begin manifesting my desires with ease

I realised that other people needed what I had learnt, & made it my mission to share it, to help others like you, to live the life you dream of, to love yourself instead of living in stress, to take care of yourself first so you have plenty of overflow from which to give, & to know that self care is not selfish - it's essential!

After all I like you, am one of the luckiest people on this planet, I didn't know it then & you might not realise it yet, but it's true, you are - not because you are looking at this awesome website 😉 - but because you & I are in the top 1% of civilisation right now

We have choice - we have connectivity - we have clothes – cars – homes - clean drinking water - an abundance of food  (true, some of it may well be killing us, but we have the choice of what we eat & drink) - we have jobs - we have education & we have money. 

We are blessed beyond words! 

So why is it that so many of us are dissatisfied & unhappy? 

Why is it that despite all these luxuries, we live in insecurity, self-doubt & most of all stress! 

Somewhere along the way we have lost our connection with appreciation, with nature, with each other, with who we really are 

...& it's killing us!

We are living in stress 24/7. Our minds are in denial & our bodies (screaming at us to make some drastic change) are struggling to cope 

How I Can Help You

StressLESS Life is here to tackle the western world’s stress epidemic 1 person at a time

Starting with YOU! 

By learning how to switch off the stress in your body, ridding yourself of judgement, doubt & mistrust, & by stepping into compassion & love for yourself first, you can empower yourself with a really strong foundation from which to help others

Because once you live in love you have the power to reach your full potential, & to shock absorb the bumps on whichever road you choose to travel.


In short, when you Stress LESS & Love More you can Live more! 😊



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