3 signs you are Overwhelmed & How to Feel Better


Overwhelm - The buzz word of the moment.


Because despite the change of the use of the word in recent years, it is a word that best describes what so many of us are feeling day to day!

To feel overwhelmed with emotions, responsibilities, demands, 'to do' lists, jobs or even ideas, seems to be commonplace in our fast-paced world.

Yet I have people asking me if what they are feeling is indeed...

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Why I Dumped The Drink


Alcohol, the bane of my life for the whole of my life!

Well, I say for the whole of my life, I really mean since I was 12 or 13 and had my first experience of a killer ‘vomitty’ hangover after secretly drinking at a friend’s party in a barn in the middle of nowhere.

I remember the day very clearly - or at least I remember the distinct lack of sympathy I got from my heavily...

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3 Warning Signs You are Burning Out (& What to do about it!)


1) You feel tired all the time

You just can’t shake this feeling of tiredness, even after the rare night when you do feel like you have had enough sleep.

The heavy feeling of exhaustion weighs you down as you go about each day, yet still you plaster your smile on, drink your coffee & get on with it - after all, if you don’t keep holding everything together, who will?!

2) You...

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Is Stress Keeping Your Sick?


Do you ever feel like you just never get well?

That no sooner have you got over one cold, virus or bug the next is just lurking round the corner waiting to jump into your body and take hold. It’s as if they know you are easy prey!

You’re forever at the Doctor’s, but have been so many times they now refuse you antibiotics. You’ve tried changing your diet but that...

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Why is it that getting back to nature now has to be prescribed?!


I read recently Doctors in Scotland are now prescribing activities in nature to help with mental health issues. This is a wonderful thing and I hope it creates the beginning of a big shift in the way we deal with mental health in the UK. However isn't it sad that nowadays, the suggestion of getting back to nature has to be a suggestion at all.

These Doctors are seen as innovators just because...

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