Be still, be peaceful - the earth and consciousness are healing... 

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

COVID 19 and the lockdown which has consequently ensued, seems to be the earth's latest way of getting us to create the environment in which it can heal 

We don’t have to do anything except: 

Stop being busy

Stay in our homes

And look after ourselves properly for the first time in most of our lifetimes!


This is not a punishment, this is a kindness that we did not have the will to afford ourselves

We are feeling resistance to this change because we are clinging onto the life we are shifting from

We have been so busy ‘being busy’ for such a long time, we don’t know any different - that is why this feels scary

We are facing the unknown in a way like never before - and we have to know that that is OK

Life will be different after this, we most definitely have challenges ahead - but that is OK too


Look back on your life - you’ve most certainly never faced a challenge such as this before, but you have faced and overcome many, many challenges - your own birth for a start!

If you are reading this, you survived that first, dangerous challenge of life, and you did so because there was a greater intelligence enabling you, empowering you, guiding you.

You didn’t have to ‘know’ on a conscious level what to do

You did not sit in the womb worrying about what was to come

Worrying about whether you would know what to do

Doubting whether you would have the capabilities to push through to the other side or afraid that you might not get out of there alive

You just did it - yours and you mother’s bodies worked together in perfect harmony to birth you into this totally unknown world

You rose to the challenge, because deep down on a level way greater than mind consciousness, you knew what to do


Look at the rest of your life, at other challenges you faced and overcame despite the fear (and often, mostly alone)

Each of our paths has differences and similarities, but this time, we are all in it together, and with unity comes strength

This is our greatest opportunity for present moment awareness, we do not know what the future holds - but let's face it, we never did, we created a reality we felt was secure, but life takes us by surprise at every turn because there is a ‘whole’ greater than ourselves, of which we are an integral part


The time has come for us to play our part:

To embrace the truth that yesterday is only a memory and tomorrow does not yet exist

To let go of what was and to sit in appreciation of the present moment, because that is our only certainty:

The here and now

Find true appreciation in each moment of this day 

Then do the same again when the next day comes around


This is how to live a truly fulfilled life - now is your chance to find that out


Love and light to each and every one of you in this moment


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