Is your focus TOO strong?

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

When I was a child, our family holidays always took in the delights of our beautiful country


Summers were peppered with trips to various stately homes, seasides & campsites


On one of these trips, I have a vivid memory of eating lunch on the grass next to the car park of a service station (living the high life!)


The reason the memory sticks with me is what happened on that grass


No, it was no big life changing moment, but I was served an important lesson as I sat in the sunshine on that warm summer’s day. 

A lesson I would not realise until now


You see, that grass was awash with clover, and I made it my mission that day to find one with four leaves


I had heard they existed, I knew it was possible to find one, and I turned into a girl on a mission


I scanned those clovers until my eyes went funny - I was desperate!


The time came that we were going to have to leave - distraught my search intensified


I knew that if I looked hard enough, if I tried hard enough, eventually my tenacity would pay off


My desperation increased


My panic rose


I was still lacking the four leafed clover I had promised myself I would find


As my parents began to increase their pressure on me to let go of the dream, the panic rose in my stomach


I NEEDED to find it!


To move things along, so we could get on our way, my sister was enlisted to help me


She looked casually for what must have been 30 seconds, then with an air of nonchalance piped up - There’s one


I couldn’t believe it!


She hadn’t even been looking for it and there it was for her without effort


I on the other hand, had wasted about an hour of my short life, fervently focusing on that which my desperation had blinded me to


If only I had known then what I know now


The lesson from all those years ago hit me the other day as I walked said sisters dog


As he sniffed and wee’d on the clover, it dawned on me the lesson I had been presented with that day, all those years ago


Just let go!


What you asked for is there, but if you are busy ‘trying’ ‘efforting’ ‘taking unrelenting action’ 


  1. You are missing the whole point of life, which is to enjoy your expansion throughout the journey


  1. you are likely blinding yourself to exactly what it is you seek


The closer your focus, the more difficult to see the opportunities presented in the bigger picture


The stronger your desperation, the more you repel that which you want so much


The lesson here may feel counter-intuitive but is simple...




Let go


Enjoy the moment 🙂


The universe knows exactly what you want – your job is to allow it to come to you, by being in a flowful state


That way you will ensure you can see those opportunities as they are presented to you


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